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A Road Safety Research Strategy for Australia


Join this event to discuss the National Road Safety Strategy

The National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030 includes research as one of the key enabling actions – “…there are opportunities to leverage off the strength of tertiary institutions and continue to build and strengthen partnerships with industry and particular cohorts of the community. A National Road Safety Action Plan will prioritise a targeted research program that will change with time as new issues emerge and the implementation of new programs is adopted”.

In order to fully realise the opportunities this presents, should we have a National Road Safety Research Strategy? Why? What would be in it? How would we get there? It’s been tried previously without success, so what would we need to do differently this time?

Join us for a panel discussion facilitated by ACRS President Ann Williamson, with space to share your thoughts and ideas.
Our panellists include:
Jeremy Woolley from the University of Adelaide
Michael Nieuwesteeg from Austroads
Jerome Carslake and Judith Carlton from the National Road Safety Partnership Program

This event will consist of a brief overview of the National Road Safety Strategy, and then participants will be sent to breakout rooms to share ideas. There will be opportunity at the end for participants to share their feedback from breakout rooms with the larger audience, and we encourage participants to keep responses to 45 seconds or less to maximise the time we have allocated.