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2013 ACRS Submission to Federal Parliamentarians released

The College has today released our 2013 ACRS Submission to Federal Parliamentarians where we aim to highlight the serious nature of road trauma to politicians on both a personal and professional level.

An excerpt from the submission is as follows:

Road Trauma is arguably the highest ranking public health issue we face as a nation today. Federal government estimates put the annual cost of road trauma to our economy at $27b. With 25 people dying and 600 being seriously injured each week in Australia, the ripple effect of each road trauma event to our families and communities is enormous.

The ability for Australia’s peak policy makers to ‘make a difference’ both personally and professionally, that is felt by all Australians, is a real incentive to drive genuine change across the many federal systems and portfolios involved in road trauma – from research, technology, engineering, health and emergency services, to our youth, our senior citizens, disability and community services, and rural and regional communities, to name a few.

We look forward to continuing to work together to make significant reductions to the current level of road trauma. The wellbeing of our nation as a whole will benefit greatly as a result. In turn, all of you, as determined and committed leaders of our nation, will undoubtedly achieve a high level of personal and professional satisfaction.

We encourage you take a moment to read the submission and pass it on to any relevant contacts. You are also welcome to use parts of the submission in your work to reduce road trauma.

The complete submission can be viewed here: