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NSW Chapter Seminar Series: Safer Vehicles: Opportunities to reduce road trauma by improving the fleet


This seminar is now over. View the Seminar Recording here.

This seminar provides insights into the range of innovative in-vehicle safety systems, testing and evaluations of these systems, and the ability of these systems to reduce road trauma.

During the seminar, David Beck from the NSW Centre for Road Safety, along with Mark Terrell and James Hurnall from ANCAP describe and discuss:

• The range of innovative in-vehicle safety systems.

• How these systems are evaluated / tested.

• Which innovations have an evidence base of reducing road trauma.

• Which innovations require further development. The likely success and timeframes for these developments.

• The range of methods to improve the uptake of evidence-based innovations in the vehicle fleet. Which of these methods have been successful. What the challenges are with introducing or improving these methods in an Australian context.


David Beck, A/Manager Safer Vehicles, Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety

David leads a team responsible for delivering projects, developing research and setting standards that improve the safety of vehicles and protective equipment, with the ultimate goal of delivery zero fatalities and serious injuries on the NSW road network. The team has worked closely with Crashlab and ANCAP to deliver Australia’s first test facility for advanced driver assist systems, which has been in high demand since its launch in late 2019.

Mark Terrell, Chief Technical Officer, ANCAP

Mark is an Engineering graduate from the Australian National University. He has been Chief Technical Officer of ANCAP since January 2017, following 21 years working for the Australian Government in the Vehicle Safety Standards area. Mark has maintained a focus on active and passive safety systems and been actively involved in the development of standards such as the recently introduced Global Technical Regulation for Pole Side Impact and contributed to working groups on vehicle compatibility and side impact. Mark also has significant experience in vehicle regulation, including reform of Australia’s Motor Vehicle Standards Act and arrangements for the commercial importation of used vehicles.

James Hurnall, Policy Director, ANCAP

James Hurnall has a Mechanical Engineering Degree and also a Master of Business and Technology from UNSW. He has a lengthy career in vehicle safety and regulation having worked as the Technical Director at the Australian Automobile Association, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industry (Australia’s vehicle industry’s national association) and is currently the Policy Director at ANCAP, Australasia’s independent vehicle safety authority. Over the last few years, James has been actively involved with helping prepare Australia for the introduction of connected and automated vehicles.


View the Seminar Recording here.